Photographs play an important part in the way we experience our world.
The content may be critical, their purpose could be educational, these images make us more ´aware´ of our environment, other cultures, or the beauty of our earth.

  Whether you are a professional photographer, or maybe not a photographer at all, you can add to our files and, in doing so, see what other people think of your particular image and even see how it is rated.
You can add a link to your own website or organisation or to webpages related to the subject of your entry.
You may also offer your photograph or digital file for sale.

  We ask you a handling fee of only US$ 5.00 for contributors from outside the EU,
or € 5,00 for EU residents (this includes the 19% VAT).

  Send us your photograph, an optional short text and the link you wish to appear on your page.
See the web pages for examples.

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