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SACHA KOULITCHOV (Neth.) -art photographer, painter, composer

Sacha Koulitchov was born and studied in Leningrad;
he lived in France and now in the Netherlands.
Photography has become an important part of Sacha Koulitchov´s research into individualisation and becoming oneself.
"People live superficially but the possibility of the spirit is infinite. Experience and depth lie redundant in the unconscious. There is an enormous black hole. We only see the outside, not the inner world. What fascinates me is the meaning of individuality, the meaning of self."
Sacha believes in freeing others by leaving them alone.
"At the moment someone demands freedom, he can give freedom. The other person is taboo, which means he is inaccessible, and that is exactly what I want him to be.
My work is both a question and the visual formulation of the question. I am not allowed to provide an answer. I have answers for myself, but for the outside world I have to be careful not to become didactic. As soon as I include answers, I deprive individuals looking at my work of their own liberty and of the questions and answers that my work brings about. I give them absolute freedom, even to misinterpret me."
Art-photography purchased by Veenman Drukkers for their advertisement
Sacha´s work has been exhibited in museums and art centres in Russia, France, Belgium, Great Britain, USA and the Netherlands. He has featured in television art programmes, media publications and his works are included in some important and private art collections.