Circle 24 exhibition,
KICKI ROSENLØF  (Sweden), art photography

Icons for the Mind
16.3.95 - 22.4.95 Galerie 24, The Hague (NL)
Teacher - Photography and Graphic Design, Uppsala Art School, Sweden
Kicki Rosenløf graduated from the National College of Art, Stockholm and later completed an M.A. in photography at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. She now teaches Graphic Design and Photography in Uppsala. Commited to her teaching, it provides a deep satisfaction. Although there's not much time left over for her own work, she is nevertheless addicted to photography.

Her ´very special teacher´ Frank Watson comments: "I never try to analyze or even ´understand´ any of Kicki's photographs. I would find it all too limiting to go into detail, to pick them apart and put them together again as if they were some kind of a riddle or a picture puzzle. Some photographs can take this, and some are even richer for it, but not Kicki's photographs. They are icons for the mind and it is best to just look at them and live them, to let yourself be carried away by them and drawn into them and absorbed by them" Icons for the Mind is Kicki's third solo exhibition. Besides numerous group shows, her work has appeared in several quality publications, hangs in private and public collections and has been exhibited as far afield as Tokyo.

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